Boat Registration Services

HMYA provides assistance to members in processing boat ownership transfers and Marine Work Permit Renewals by working with a broker who will handle the process. You may choose to renew your work permit and transfer the boat ownership yourself by working directly with the coast guard which may require you to take your boat to the government office for inspection.

In July 2020, boat registration and boat transfer processes have changed to a semi-automated system, replacing the Marine Title Deed (Green Booklet) and the Marine Work Permit (White Booklet), first to Cards and then later in November 2020 to paper Certificates, with Temporary Permits issued during this period when the card system had some technical problems. Until all of the “old” Marine documents (booklets or cards) expire and renewed or boat ownership transferred, by November 2023, all boat documents will be registered in the new automated system and will have boat documents in the form of Certificates. The boat registration renewal and/or transfer of ownership with the new automated system includes additional one-time requirements. Please see the complete list of requirements in the Boat Renewal Process page or Boat Transfer Process page. For the purposes of this document, all references to Marine Work Permit, could be any of the aforementioned documents (Booklets, Cards, Temporary Permit, or Certificates).

Boat Registration/Renewal Office Hours

4:30 - 6 p.m. Sunday and Wednesday (except on company holidays)

Dhahran Clubhouse at 5502 Spruce Street 
Tel: 013 872 0345


Services Provided:

  • Boat Ownership Transfers - Buying a boat is simple; just have the boat inspected and then complete the boat transfer package available at the HMYA Clubhouse.

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Dhahran Clubhouse
5502 Spruce Street
Tel: 013 872 0345 |
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