Boat Renewal Process

Every three Hijra years (approximately 33 days less than 3 Gregorian years)  a boat is required to be re-registered with the Transport General Authority (TGA), which replaced the Department of Transport (MoT) for processing boat ownership and registration, and renewal updated at CG. The owner is responsible for doing this on time or late registration fines may be payable. Registration renewal can only be done if the boat has a valid Government Boat inspection. This inspection should take place every year but at registration or transfer (sale) as a minimum.


Lost Marine Work Permit

A lost Marine Work Permit (white book) or Boat Ownership (green book) may be replaced, if lost or damaged, after purchasing a newspaper advertisement (100 SR) and paying a fee of 200 SR in addition to the normal renewal fees and fines (if any). This process of replacing lost or damaged documents is required if the boat has the “old” boat documents (see Boat Registration Services for definition of “old” boat documents.


The new automated process for boat registration renewal is a two-step process.

Step 1: The documentation required for Registration renewal are:

  • Two photographs for the boat clearly showing the Arabic and English name and number of the boat and the full length of the boat as well as picture of the Serial Number of the boat (if any, some old boats do not have a serial number). 
  • Approximate location of the boat to allow the TGA approved inspector to inspect the boat and issue an inspection form. If the boat does not have a serial number, the inspector will indicate this on the Inspection form)
  • Broker letter of authorization for representation by a Saudi Broker to TGA and CG. This letter must be completed and signed both in Arabic (for Saudi members) and English (for Expatriate members). The Broker and/or the Registrar will assist in completing the Arabic side for Non-Arabic speaking members. It is the owners’ responsibility to have this letter stamped by Saudi Aramco HR. Owner form
  • Copy of Government issued ID card with copy of Saudi Aramco ID card on same sheet
  • Copy of Iqama details page from the Absher system (for expatriate members)
  • Letter of employment certificate in Arabic (to whom it may concern and no salary needed)
  • Copy of the transponder card if a transponder is required (boat length is more than 3.6 meters). If transponder is required but not available then a transponder must be purchased and assigned to the boat
  • Copy of the License to Sail for power boats only. If License to Sail is not available then it must be obtained (see section on how to obtain the License to Sail)
  • If applicable, a late registration fee of SAR 100/month not to exceed SAR 500/year, however doubles for two consecutive years, plus SAR 25 for a certified check
  • Once the above documents have been submitted by the broker to the TGA (through the new online system) and approved by TGA, a new boat number (and sometimes a new name) is issued and the Certificate of boat ownership (Certificate of Registration) is generated with the new number (and name).
  • Boat Registration Renewal Fees

Step 2

At this point, the new boat number and name must be stenciled, in Arabic and English, and fixed on the boat, replacing the old number and name, and new photographs of the boat are taken and submitted to TGA again, by the broker through the online system. In addition, the Transponder card, if any, need to be corrected for the new boat number, as well as the License to Sale and Captains License. After this step is processed, the second boat document (Certificate of Operation) is issued.

Please note that Step 1 and Step 2 are done only to replace the old boat documents. The new documents (Certificates) are valid for three Hijra years (approximately 33 days less than 3 Gregorian years). At renewal or transfer afterwards will not need photographs or new boat number, however other documents like copy of government issued Id, and the broker authorization are required.

See Table of Fees for Registration Renewal charges.

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